Welcome to Étang-Salé les Bains !

With nearly 15,000 inhabitants, Etang-Salé is located just 15 minutes from Saint-Pierre and 30 minutes from Saint-Paul.

A family destination par excellence, Étang-Salé offers activities that will delight children: the island’s largest water park and wildlife park.

The place is ideal for walks in the forest or along the coasts (on horseback, on foot, by bike, mountain bike, VAE, quad-bike, elliptical bike...) or to make a golf course.

From our houses, you will be in a few minutes on the Route des Tamarins, which provides access to the tour of the island and all the excursions!

Overall, the Étang-Salé, which is at the gates of the South and the West, is an excellent starting point towards 90% of the essential of the island!

Walking or Cycling distance...

Landscapes to explore !

The lagoon of Étang-Salé

This little-known coral reef is, in our opinion, certainly the most beautiful of the island. You can explore it in a mask and snorkel.

At the end of the lagoon, under the leaves of the «sea grapes», many families gather for swimming.

Finally, a few hundred meters away, on the black sand page, you will have a supervised swimming area.

The beach of Étang-Salé

The island’s most beautiful black sand beach is only a 10-minute walk from the house. The sunsets are splendid!

The beach of Étang-Salé les Bains has a lifeguard station, toilets and showers. Small snacks will allow you to eat...

The state forest of Étang-Salé

Its access is located 100m from the house. This vast beachfront forest, which extends over 1000 hectares, is very well maintained.

You will discover a wide variety of plants and trees of the island and you can easily observe local chameleons (sleeping)…

You will also take beautiful walks. The forest is ideal, because it is fresh, for a morning run.

You will have access to 3 types of trails (hiking trail/ mountain bike/ horse), well distinct and remarkably landscaped, as well as a 2200m health trail.

On the tracK

An 8 km cycle path, secured by a reinforced wooden slide, is accessible 200m from our houses.

In the evening, many Reunionese come to do their jogging, roller skating with the family or just cycling!

This trail is bordered by a shady footpath .

A second beautiful bike path of more than 30 km runs along the seaside: it starts at Étang-Salé and will take you to Saint Gilles via Saint Leu.

Finally, the forest of the Étang-Salé also allows beautiful mountain bike rides.

The Chasm

The chasm is a spectacular point where waves rush into a basalt corridor, causing huge sheaves of foam.

This site is accessible on foot by bike path.

We observe the same type of show on the site "The blower", very different from the abyss.

The Coastal path

The Coastal Trail begins 200 meters from our houses and continues for more than 10 km.

It will lead you through beautiful landscapes, where black basalt flows into the water, to marry with the blue of the sea.

On swell days, the waves offer a superb spectacle!

Activities to be enjoyed !

The Golf de Bourbon

The Golf de Bourbon is one of the most pleasant and famous of the island!

It is located in the middle of the Étang-Salé forest, 10 minutes by bike from our houses.

Scuba diving

At 5 minutes walk, Plongée Salée is a diving club with a human dimension, very professional.

The only club that will take you to the magnificent underwater sites of the Salt Pond (caves and multicoloured coral).


AkOatys : This is a water park with 5 slides and a static wave.

Ideal for children and adults.


Several horse riding centers will offer you rides on horseback, in the forest or on the beach!

... Less than 30 minutes by car

"Makes Window"

You will reach by a beautiful road flowered to a breathtaking point of view, leading to the Circus of Cilaos! Beautiful hike (2H loop). Many picnic areas with tables and BBQ will allow you to relax in nature.

The village of Entre Deux

L'Entre-Deux is a beautiful village that you can explore (especially on Sundays) following the «Chemin des Cases créoles» to discover authentic Reunion mansions and gardens. A true village of charm!

The Lagoon of Saint-Leu

The beautiful lagoon of St Leu and its marina are a 15-minute drive away.

The beaches of the Hermitage les Bains

These are the most beautiful white sand beaches on the island. They are protected by a coral reef.

The practice of the mask and snorkel is very easy and the show guaranteed!

Port of Saint-Gilles

The port of Saint Gilles, with its shops and many fish restaurants, will allow you to spend pleasant moments facing the sea, in a more European setting.

The St-Pierre Waterfront

The seafront of Saint Pierre is known to be lively every night!

On weekends, you can enjoy the traditional «family picnics», not far from the sites of nightclubs...

Stella Matutina Museum

Unconditionally a success!

In an authentic sugar factory, faithfully renovated, you will discover the history of the Reunion settlement through the successive innovations of the Reunion sugar industry.

Whales and Dolphins

Departing from the Port of Saint Gilles, several serious service providers will offer various services ("discovery" / "boat breakfast" / "launching with the whales"..)


The mythical site of Saint Leu, from where all paragliding departures are made, is 10 minutes away. Shuttles take you to the flight areas (800m and 1500m). Many clubs with various formulas, from baptism to experienced flight.

The domain of grilled coffee

This is our favorite, validated by all our tenants! A beautiful garden and an exciting guided tour around the history of coffee and medicinal plants of Reunion.

You can taste the famous coffee "Bourbon pointu": a world reference.

Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin

In the upper reaches of Saint Leu, a beautiful botanical garden, very educational, which surrounds an authentic Creole residence of master.


A farm of care and birth for turtles.  A small structure very successful, which will delight young and old.

Deep-sea fishing

Departure from the Port of Saint Gilles.

Flyby of the island in ULM

ULM flights depart from Pierrefonds Airport, 10 minutes from our homes.

Helicopter flight over the island

The heliport of «Corail helicopters», which is the reference, is 15 minutes from our houses.


Many clubs operate from St leu (15mn) or the port of St gilles (30 mn).

... Some ideas for your excursions

The Cirque and village of Cilaos

You will be in the heart of the village in less than 1 hour by car by the "400-corner road" which, beyond this somewhat impressive figure, is a technical feat of incredible beauty.

The volcano « La Fournaise »

This must-see site is directly accessible by the RN1. It takes half a day if you don’t go hiking. The Salt Pond is an excellent starting point for the volcano.


The point of view of Maïdo is undoubtedly the most beautiful point of view of the island! By the Route des Tamarins, you will be very quickly at the start of the Maïdo road (20 minutes).

The beach of Grande-Anse

This beach in a charming cove, bordered by coconut trees, is at the entrance of the wild South. A short hike allows you to discover beautiful views of the cove and the wild south coast.

Grande-Anse is quickly accessible from the salt pond (40 minutes).

Langevin Waterfalls

You can access the beautiful waterfalls of Langevin on the wild Southern Road and the Lava Road. All these must-see sites are easily and quickly accessible from the Étang-Salé.


The bottom of the river of L'Entre-Deux

The waterfall of "Bras Rouge" Cilaos

& "La Roche Merveilleuse"

Le Cap noir

(Dos d’âne)

Fore the more reckless


Cilaos is one of the major canyoning sites on the island!

The canyons of "Yellow Flowers" and "Red Arm" are exceptional and easy to access.

Finally, the Langevin Canyon is ideal for a fun family canyoning experience.

Entering the cirque of Mafate by the Maïdo

Mafate by the channeling of « Les Orangers »

The "Dimitile" from the village of Entre-Deux