The beach of Hermitage a few steps…

The beach of the Hermitage is undoubtedly the most beautiful and the wildest part of this huge white sand beach that extends over 7 km from

St Gilles to Trois Bassins.

80 meters from the villas, you will enjoy this stretch of fine sand, quiet and relaxing, bordered by filaos and protected by a coral reef. Equipped with a beautiful lagoon suitable for swimming, at the same time calm and shallow, it makes the happiness of families with children, who can enjoy the joys of the water in total serenity. Just in front of the alley, you have safe access to one of the most beautiful snorkeling areas (Palmes-Masque-Tuba) in this area. Along this beach, many small restaurants, well integrated, offer you a taste of quality a few steps from the lagoon. For all tastes and all budgets!

La Saline-les-Bains beach

This long white sandy beach, sheltered from filaos, is the quietest on the west coast. The lagoon is beautiful but the water is often shallow!

The site is ideal for children and for those who want to enjoy corals and fish, equipped with fins, mask and snorkel.The beach is monitored on weekends and during school holidays (opposite the lifeguard station).

Beach restaurants will allow you to spend pleasant moments by the sea. Some even offer the rental of deckchairs, pedalos or kayak for beautiful water activities with family: The Copacabana and Planch'Alizée for example.

Walking or cycling distance...

Trou d’eau

Very nice beach for snorkeling (fins-mask-snorkel), it is also appreciated for its many restaurants on the water.

The Port of Saint Gilles

The Port of Saint Gilles and its many fish restaurants, tapas.. allows to spend pleasant moments in a more European setting.

The Aquarium of Saint Gilles

Small structure of high quality, the Aquarium will allow you to rediscover all the fish you have seen in the lagoon and many others (groupers and deep sea fish, such as sharks, jackfish, tuna...)

Nautical activities from the Port of Saint Gilles

Whales and Dolphins

Several serious service providers will offer various services ("discovery" / "boat breakfast" / "launching with the whales"..)

Deep-sea fishing

Reunion Island is a world-renowned wholesale fishing site.

Other nautical activities

Sea rides, bottled dives, sea scooters are the most popular activities.

... Less than 30 minutes by car

The Cormorans Ponds (10 min )

Here are two beautiful separate pools. The one known as "des Aigrettes", where one bathes, is fed by one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island. Access is forbidden, but everyone goes there!

Maido View and Forest

Best view of the island! Accessible very quickly from our villas, the Maido route will take you to the viewpoint through an amazing Tamarins des Hauts forest.

Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin

At 20 minutes, beautiful botanical garden very educational, which surrounds an authentic Creole mansion of master.

Kélonia (10 min)

A farm of care and birth for turtles . A small structure very successful, which will delight young and old.

The Villèle Museum (15 mn)

A sumptuous mansion very well renovated, in a superb garden and with a beautiful period furniture. You will discover the history and life of slaves through a family of settlers: the Desbassyns family. Also worth a visit: the small church in front!

Saint Paul’s Market (10 mins)

The most beautiful market of the island (after that of Saint Pierre), located on the edge of the beautiful bay of St Paul. This market is very diversified (fruits, vegetables, crafts.). You can appreciate the welcome of the Reunionese, their generosity and the ethnic diversity of our island.

Saint-Denis, the capital and its historic centre (30 mins)

St Denis is a beautiful city (which you don’t always see when you leave the airport!) where you can discover, in the central square, the typical atmosphere of the streets, beautiful Creole houses perfectly renovated, shopping for souvenirs and eating in good little restaurants. For those who have time to enjoy a beautiful day...

Shows (10 mins)

Two original outdoor sites offer many shows all year round, and beautiful local productions. The "Teat Plein Air" of Saint Gilles, built in the 70s, has an amazing acoustics. Outdoor shows also at the Ravine Saint Leu.


Helicopter flight over the island

The heliport of «Corail helicopters», which is the reference, is 15 minutes from our houses.


All departures are from the mythical site of St Leu, 10 minutes away. Before taking the shuttle to the flight areas !

Golf of "Bassin Bleu"

The Golf de Bassin Bleu, located at mid-altitude, dominates the lagoon of Hermitage.

Nearby hikes


Hiking to Mafate

Two departures to the Cirque de Mafate are quickly accessible from our houses:

- “Sans Souci”, from which the surprising Canalisation des « Orangers » begins. It is one of the most beautiful entry routes into the Cirque de Mafate.

- “Deux-Bras” which will lead you to very pleasant ilets (villages) where the cottages are good culinary addresses!

The village of Dos d'Ane and the Cap Noir hike

Drive: about 45 minutes to the start of the trail.

This is a hike that we often recommend! A pleasant 2H loop on flat ground, which will lead you to exceptional views of the entrance of the Mafate circus.

Ideal for families, but keep children in hand. Plan your meal, as there are few nice restaurants on site.

Cirque and village of Cilaos

You will be in the heart of the village in 1h45 by car by taking the 400-corner road, which is a technical feat and an incredible beauty!